About Us

We are an Australian owned company dedicated to helping parents negotiate the challenging aspects of having a newborn baby that is unsettled for a multitude of possible reasons.

We have built a 24/7 online resource centre providing advice and access to a team of health professionals covering everything that we can think of that can help you to settle and enjoy your new baby.

Bonding with a crying unsettled baby when you are tired and stressed is a difficult time for everyone and, although it may feel like it, you are not alone on this journey - we are here to provide support , products and answers and a shoulder to cry on!

Who are we?

Founded by Gai Williams – Community Pharmacist and Author of “No More Tears Colic Relief”, Proactive Baby Care is a family community of Nana, Mum and Dad and 2 beautiful granddaughters. We have worked together to build our company over time as we faced all the baby challenges and we have tried to include everything that has happened to us and others. Pregnancy, Caesar births, colic, mastitis, feeding issues, thrush, cradle cap etc etc. You name it and we have been through it!

Our associated team of health professionals can also offer professional advice in their chosen fields-we all want your parenting journey to be as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

Mums and Dads today seem to be expected to handle parenthood in-house but we know that is not practical. Every new parent needs answers to endless questions and sooner rather than later. Waiting weeks or even months for appointments with specialists seems to be the norm so we are here to fill the gaps and help ease your anxiety and stress. 

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