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Rebecca Kubenk

Lactation Consultant & Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

Hi, I’m Rebecca

As a busy mum of three teenagers, I am aware of the day to day challenges women face when raising children.

I certainly understand how tough those early days are, having twins and a singleton child aged under 17 months, when I longed for a full night’s sleep.

I have been assisting breastfeeding mothers for nearly 20 years as, and I am passionate about helping mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals by educating and advocating for them.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy looks at the function of the muscles around the face and jaw are working properly. Clients refer to as a the Personal Trainer of the face.

Issues with the orofacial muscles can begin in infancy and disrupt the growth and development of the craniofacial anatomy. Reviewing the function of the facial and jaw muscles may be the difference between a mother breastfeeding, establishing supply and successfully continuing the breastfeeding journey.

I am also an active volunteer with the Australian Breastfeeding Association, and regularly take telephone calls on the 24-hour Breastfeeding Helpline Service.

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