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Tom Zuccala

Pharmacist | Herbalist

A helping hand is only a phone call away.

Baby unsettled, windy and colicky.

We are here to help-call us for a free phone consultation/chat on the wind and colic helpline 03 9018 7878.

Tom is the father of 3 teenage/adult children and has been part of their journey of sleepless nights, reflux, colic, teething and broken bones.

He has been practicing for over 3 decades as a Pharmacist with a Naturopathy/Herbal background and has been privileged to be part of many families with newborns and assisting them with their comment ailments.

He believes that assisting patients is as much an educational process as it is providing solutions for treatment. 

This equips patients and their families with an understanding of what is occurring and reduces stress in the home.

Pharmacy is best placed to help patients understand their health issues and make a difference in their lives.

By integrating the knowledge of natural therapies one can formulate and develop natural herbal solutions to help infants, children and mums to alleviate many ailments.

For any questions or queries about your unsettled child call us on 03 9018 7878.

Tom Zuccala MPS ATMS NHAA 

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