Qiara Infant 2 Box Bundle


Discover Qiara Infant Probiotic, harnessed from probiotic strains found in human breastmilk. Nurture your baby’s gut health, alleviate discomfort, and establish a foundation for well-being with our clinically supported formula, available in convenient individual sachets.

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Experience the power of Qiara Infant Probiotic, harnessed from a probiotic strain directly sourced from human breastmilk. Your baby’s microbiome is delicately influenced by various factors, such as pregnancy term, birth mode, breastfeeding outcomes, antibiotic use, and environment.

Qiara Infant Probiotic offers comprehensive support for your baby’s gut health, addressing concerns like colic, reflux, coughs, colds, diarrhea, constipation, and unsettled feeding. This remarkable formula provides:

🌿 Gut Health Reinforcement: Our probiotic blend nurtures your baby’s gastrointestinal wellness, promoting a comfortable and balanced start to life.

🦠 Gut Flora Restoration: After antibiotic use, Qiara Infant Probiotic helps reestablish beneficial gut flora, aiding your baby’s digestive resilience.

🍼 Digestive Harmony: Ensure a healthy digestive system for your baby, fostering a foundation for their overall well-being.

🧳 Convenient Sachet Format: Experience ease with individual sachets, simplifying administration and ensuring your baby’s health on-the-go.

Qiara Infant Probiotic is grounded in the knowledge that your baby’s well-being starts with a balanced gut. Choose the probiotic supported by science to create a strong foundation for your baby’s growth and happiness. Embrace this journey towards a healthier, happier infancy with Qiara Infant Probiotic.


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