Qiara Infant Drops


Discover Qiara Infant Drops, a hassle-free method to deliver essential probiotic support directly to your baby. Formulated with the same specialized strain found in breastmilk, these drops promote gastrointestinal health and cater to various dietary needs, ensuring your baby’s well-being with every gentle dose.

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Qiara Infant Drops provide a hassle-free method to deliver the same exceptional probiotic benefits directly to your baby. Containing the same specialized probiotic strain isolated from breastmilk, these drops offer comprehensive support for gastrointestinal health.

🍼 Gentle and Convenient: Effortlessly administer probiotic benefits to your baby with Qiara Infant Drops, ensuring their well-being is nurtured from within.

🌿 Enhanced Gastrointestinal Health: Just like our sachets, Qiara Infant Drops promote a balanced gut environment, offering comfort and harmony for your little one.

🆓 Free From Allergens: Formulated to accommodate various dietary needs, these drops are gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, corn-free, and dairy-free, catering to a wide range of sensitivities.

🔀 Proper Mixing: To ensure effective administration, remember to shake the bottle thoroughly for 10 seconds before use, ensuring optimal blending of the probiotic with the oil base.

Qiara Infant Drops simplify the process of providing your baby with essential probiotic support. Elevate their well-being with confidence and convenience.


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